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It can be so simple to create a professional website yourself. It is completely self-explanatory and requires no expert knowledge or further programming skills. You can change the structure of your website, images, texts, colours and designs with a few mouse clicks and via Drag & Drop.  

Find out for yourself how simple it is, and try it out today!

On air in a few steps

Starting off

All you need to start creating your website is a PC with an Internet connection and a web browser. You can use your login data to log into the Keyweb customer area, and you will be given immediate access to Keyweb’s modular homepage system in your browser directly.

Colours and fonts

You can individualise all the areas via the “Colours” and “Fonts” items. You can for instance define your individual colour scheme, allowing you to implement your colour concept or your corporate identity one to one on the website. . 

Intelligent page structure

The modular homepage system thinks for you. This saves you not only time, but a lot of work too. For instance when it comes to the structure of the website. If you click on “Craft trades” in the category selection, the modular homepage system automatically suggests pages which make sense for a craft operation, such as “Range of services”, “Callback service” or “Contact form”. You decide whether to accept the suggested pages or whether you would like to specify your own structure.

Intuitive operation

The easy-to-follow user interface is orientated in line with the familiar structure of other editors, so that you will already be familiar with all the functions. The editor of the modular homepage system follows the WYSIWYG principle (“What you see is what you get.”), meaning that you can see each change immediately thanks to the preview. You can change the individual elements as many times as you want until you are satisfied. You can use Drag & Drop to simply drag the content elements such as images and templates to where you like them best.

Optimisation for mobiles

Special “responsive design templates” are available to optimise your website for tablets and smartphones. You can use the Settings editor item to also adjust your website for mobile devices.  

Using widgets

In order to specifically expand your website with social media tools such as Facebook, Xing and Twitter, as well as useful organisation aids such as Sitemap, route planner, offer queries and many more, select the right widget at the “Content elements” menu item. Simply use the Drag & Drop function to drag the widget that you’re interested in onto your homepage. You can use the function immediately without having to make any further configurations.  

Selecting the category and design

When you log in for the first time, you should start by selecting the sector-specific category that best suits your project. In the design menu, you can then select from more than 600 design templates the one that best suits you, your company or your club. If you wish, you can add your own background image by downloading it.

Integrating logos

If you or your company have a logo, you can use it on the website. KeyPages will automatically adjust both the colour and the size of the graphic so that your website looks harmonious.

Simple processing

In the editing mode, all contents can be compiled easily, and titles, texts, colours, backgrounds or the structure can be conveniently adjusted. The individual elements of your homepage can be directly processed. In the website structure section, you can add new sub-pages, determine the order of the pages and even delete pages. You write your texts as you would with a completely normal text editor. You can also use the individual text templates here on the individual categories and individualise them as you wish.

Standard and expert mode

The standard mode offers you an extensive functionality with a wide range of colours and fonts. Just click once to change to the expert mode and enjoy even greater flexibility. With individual adjustments you can deliberately change for instance pre-defined fonts and colours in this mode.

Video and multimedia integration

With KeyPages you can integrate your images and videos via a variety of channels. Upload photos or films directly via the file manager or use one of the widgets with which you can integrate your own images or image templates as a slideshow, photo animation or photo album. You can also use one of the many widgets to integrate your videos or podcasts.

Control at any time

The user interface shows you everything exactly the way visitors to the website will see it. Before your publish your website, you can check your changes, settings and the content once more using the preview function by hiding the editor. If you liked it better before, you can return to the most recently saved status by using the Undo function. You decide when your website is ready and can be published by clicking on the “Publish” button.  

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