Key Control Management Center 

Find answers to questions about Key Control Management Center.

What is the Key Control Management Center?

The Key Control Management Center is the all-encompassing interface between Keyweb and you as our customer. You find the KCM under the following URL: https://kcm.keyweb.de

With this protected customer service center we offer our existing customers a comprehensive service and support area. Here you have the opportunity to change personal details and view important connection data. Access to the KCM is given exclusively by way of authentification through customer number plus password.

How can I find what in the customer area?

The KCM customer area is divided into three distinct categories: My Data, Support and Links. Under the menu item “My Data” you can view your invoices, you can update all contact details, and payment arrangements and passwords, as well. Do you require technical support or do you have any other queries? Under “Support” you find all the options you need, such as the ticketing system and the status area.

Where do I find my personal settings?

Under the menu item “My Data” in the Key Control Management Center you can view all personal data and set or change settings.

Online Invoice

Here you find all the invoices you have received from our company. Furthermore you can see whether these have been paid yet or are still outstanding.


Here you can update all contact data (except for name or company). You have the choice of stating a reason. If you wish to change your name or the name of the organisation, please contact our Service Team via ticketing system or email.

Payment Arrangement

If your bank details have changed or you want to change the way you pay, please make these changes under the item "payment arrangement".

Direct Debit

If you are using Direct Debit to pay your invoices, you can see the details of your Direct Debit mandate here.


Under this tab you find all the information and settings of your potential sub-accounts.


This is where your KCM login password is managed.

What can I do, if I have forgotten my password for KCM?

If you cannot remember your KCM login password, please contact us. We can reset your password at any time to the postcode that you have stored on our system so that you can create a new password – all we need from you is your customer number.

Can I also order through KCM?

In KCM you can manage your data, change settings and via the included ticketing system you can put your questions and requirements to us. If you want to order additional options or features for your hosting product, you may do so conveniently through the ticketing system. However, ordering new hosting tariffs can only be done through the website itself.

What is the ticketing system and how do I use it?

The ticketing system is the centrepiece of our operation and can be accessed after logging in through the Key Control Management Center (KCM). It means only existing customers can put their queries, requirements, complaints etc. in writing to us. The ticketing system enables a particularly fast and convenient way to forward your queries to us. Within the shortest possible time you will get a personalized response to your enquiries. It functions much the same as an email query system. Your ticket is identified by a reference number and is allocated to one of our team to be processed. At any time you will have the opportunity to review the ticket or to complete it. A ticket that has been closed remains stored in the archive for future reference.