FAQ: Ordering

Find answers to questions about your order.

Who can advise me when I am considering buying one of your products?

If you need some advice on our hosting products, please don’t hesitate to call us – we’ll be happy to answer your questions on +49 (0)361 6585355 or contact us via Live Chat online. And of course, you may also send us an email with your questions to info@keyweb.de.

When is my product ready to be used?

We always do our utmost to get your products up and running as soon as possible after receiving your order. We can usually have the service ready within 24 hours. We guarantee you the following provisioning times:

  • Domains: The same working day (ordered by 12 pm)
  • Root Virtual Server: Within one working day
  • Root Dedicated Server: Within one to three working days
  • Cloud Server: Within three to five working days
  • Mac Mini Server: Within one to three working days

How long does it take to install and order the domain name?

Installing new web hosting packages / dedicated servers / virtual servers or server rack spaces is generally completed within a few hours or days. If you have added one or several domain/s to your order it may take between 12 and 24 hours for the domains to be registered. If you want to transfer an existing domain to us it takes between one and three days. Please also note that domain orders – even if opting for “Direct Debit” as your payment option – can only be registered after the amount has been credited to our bank or PayPal account.

Which payment options do I have at Keyweb?

As a matter of principle payment must be made according to the payment option agreed (Direct Debit / Credit Card / Bank Transfer / PayPal). Customers ordering from outside of Germany can pay their first invoice only via bank transfer or PayPal. After the first payment they may pay by credit card or Direct Debit.

Are there any discounts available?

We grant up to 20% discount on certain products (as indicated) for 6, 12 or 24 months advance payment options. For further information on our KeyDiscounts click here.

How do I get my access information?

You will receive your access details for the Key Control Management Centre and your product etc. together with your invoice, forwarded by email in an order confirmation.

Who will help with any teething problems (KCM/Support)?

Our Keyweb Support Team will be pleased to help you, should you require technical assistance installing your product. Furthermore, should you have and individual questions we are here to help you with any problems if they fall within our area of expertise.

Technical customer support is available to you by phone or ticketing system 24/7/365. Experienced system technicians will give you technical support directly via our Keyweb Support Hotline +49 (0)361 6585330. You can send the Support Team your questions in writing or report any faults via the ticketing system https://kcm.keyweb.de/index.cgi .

For enquiries that go beyond general technical advice or which require a more in-depth investigation please always open a trouble ticket, even if a telephone enquiry has already been made. Your customer number, and possibly also access information, will be needed to ensure a smooth process and documentation of the problem.

How do I order upgrades or additional options for existing products?

You can order upgrades to existing products at any time. If you have any requirements just contact us via the ticketing system or by email and tell us what you need. We will then be happy to advice you in detail and will support you during implementation.

How do I become a Keyweb customer?

Becoming a Keyweb customer couldn’t be simpler! If you like what we have to offer, just select the product of your choice. An initial order overview then gives you the chance to add further services to your product as well as adding any domain names. When you have entered your personal details and the payment option, a final overview of your order let’s you check whether everything is correct before sending us the binding order. If you want to change something in the last instance, the “Back” key let’s you return to the previous pages where you can make your changes.

Following your order you will receive an initial order confirmation. We will then shortly contact you by telephone to check that all order details are correct. Once your server is complete, we shall confirm your order by email. This email contains your access information and your invoice. And we shall be pleased to welcome you as a new customer of the Keyweb AG.

When ordering domain names you will receive your invoice immediately after we have checked all information over the telephone. As soon as you have paid the invoice amount we shall register your domain selection for you. This is done in real time within just a few minutes. 

How do I order further domain names as an existing customer?

If you are a customer of Keyweb already, you may simply order additional domain names via the ticketing system or by email. If, as a customer of a virtual or dedicated server you already enjoy access to our domain registration tool, you may take care of the order directly yourself.

How do I order a new hosting product as an existing customer?

Upgrades as well as additional features can be ordered at any time via the ticketing system in KCM or by email. However, if you want to order a completely new hosting product, this can only be done through our website www.keyweb.de.